Friday , October 19 2018
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Iraq Protesters Leave Baghdad Green Zone on Cleric’s Order

BAGHDAD — After a day of sleeping, praying and even swimming in the Green Zone, the government citadel historically off limits to ordinary Iraqis, protesters began leaving Sunday evening on orders from the man who had sent them: Moktada al-Sadr, the influential Shiite cleric. In a statement issued from the ...

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On the Ground in Syria: Bloodshed, Misery and Hope

ALEPPO, Syria — On the edge of Aleppo’s ancient citadel, Zahra and her family squatted in a once-grand apartment, now facing rebel lines. Plastic sheets covered its tall windows to shield the space from a sniper’s view; shelling boomed in the distance. Zahra, 25, who gave just one name, flicked ...

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Pentagon Details Chain of Errors in Strike on Afghan Hospital

By MATTHEW ROSENBERG April 29, 2016 WASHINGTON — Dispatched to eliminate a compound swarming with Taliban fighters, the AC-130 gunship circled above the Afghan city, its crew struggling to figure out where exactly to direct the aircraft’s frightening array of weaponry. Missile fire had forced it off course, and now the gunship’s ...

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He Disavowed Radical Islam. Was He Lying?

PARIS — Ten young Muslim men, bored by a mundane life in France and haunted by a “feeling of uselessness,” as one put it, were seduced by a leading Islamic State recruiter in Europe in 2013. Within months, they were in Syria under the watchful eyes of hooded, Kalashnikov-wielding militants, ...

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In Effort to Defeat ISIS, U.S. and Iran Impede One Another

By TIM ARANGO April 25, 2016 BAGHDAD — Iraqi forces, backed by American airstrikes and advised by American officers, have been making strides in Anbar Province, slowly taking back territory from the Islamic State. But in Falluja, a city in Sunni-dominated Anbar that has been in the hands of the Islamic State ...

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