Thursday , January 24 2019
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White House Unveils Tariffs on 1,300 Chinese Products

A steel factory in Dalian, China. The Trump administration has placed tariffs on a number of items, including electronic touch screens, iron and steel plates, medical devices, aircraft parts, batteries and other Chinese products. China Network/Reuters WASHINGTON — The Trump administration said Tuesday that it will place a 25 percent ...

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Sermons and Shouted Insults: How Erdogan Keeps Turkey Spellbound

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey speaking at the country’s presidential palace in February. He often makes three speeches in a day, each broadcast live on multiple channels. Murat Cetinmuhurdar/Presidential Palace, via Reuters ANKARA, Turkey — As President Trump has his tweets, the leader of Turkey has his speeches. President ...

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‘2 Bitter Options’ for Syrians Trapped Between Assad and Extremists

Middle East ‘2 Bitter Options’ for Syrians Trapped Between Assad and Extremists Image The Syrian government has been bombing Idlib Province, which has been a refuge for people fleeing the war.CreditAhmed Rahhal/Anadolu Agency, via Getty Images BEIRUT, Lebanon — When pro-government forces retook her hometown from Syrian rebels, Nisrine accepted ...

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Russia to Expel 60 U.S. Diplomats; Tensions Are Worst in Decades

In remarks on Russian television on Thursday evening, Mr. Putin’s spokesman, Dmitri S. Peskov, scoffed at accusations of a Russian role in the Salisbury attack as “unprecedented impudence” and said Western actions amounted to “gangsterism in international affairs.” Mr. Skripal, a former colonel in Russian military intelligence who was imprisoned ...

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Kim Jong-un’s China Visit Strengthens His Hand in Nuclear Talks

Beneath the new bonhomie in the official accounts of Mr. Kim’s trip, the edgy nature of the seven-decade-old China-North Korea relationship was still apparent. No agreements between the two leaders were announced, even on basic issues. Mr. Xi, in his public comments, made no reference to Mr. Kim’s expected meeting ...

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Kim Jong-un Met With Xi Jinping in Secret Beijing Visit

BEIJING — North Korea’s enigmatic young leader, Kim Jong-un, made an unannounced visit to Beijing, meeting with President Xi Jinping weeks before planned summit meetings with American and South Korean leaders, Chinese and North Korean state news media reported on Wednesday. The visit amounted to Mr. Kim’s international debut: It ...

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