Friday , February 23 2018
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10 Monkeys and a Beetle: Inside VW’s Campaign for ‘Clean Diesel’

Advertisement FRANKFURT — In 2014, as evidence mounted about the harmful effects of diesel exhaust on human health, scientists in an Albuquerque laboratory conducted an unusual experiment: Ten monkeys squatted in airtight chambers, watching cartoons for entertainment as they inhaled fumes from a diesel Volkswagen Beetle. German automakers had financed ...

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‘Me Too,’ Chinese Women Say. Not So Fast, Say the Censors.

Advertisement BEIJING — They call themselves “silence breakers,” circulate petitions demanding investigations into sexual harassment and share internet memes like clenched fists with painted nails. But Chinese women are finding it difficult to organize a far-reaching #MeToo movement, going up against not just a male-dominated culture but also the ruling ...

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U.S. Accuses Syria of New Chemical Weapons Use

Advertisement UNITED NATIONS — The United States on Tuesday accused Syria’s government of a chlorine gas attack on civilians in the same rebel enclave hit more than four years ago by the deadliest known chemical assault in the Syrian war. In sharp denunciations from Ambassador Nikki R. Haley at the ...

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How Corruption and Cronyism in Banking Fueled Iran’s Protests

Advertisement TEHRAN — At 25 percent, the interest rate paid on a savings account at the Caspian Finance and Credit Institution in Tehran was a better return than Mehrdad Asgari could earn investing in his own business renting out construction equipment. So in December 2016, he jumped at the chance, ...

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A Girl’s Killing Puts Germany’s Migration Policy on Trial

Advertisement KANDEL, Germany — It happened between neatly stacked rows of shampoo and organic baby food: A teenage boy walked up to his ex-girlfriend in the local drugstore, pulled out a kitchen knife with an eight-inch blade and stabbed her in the heart. The death in Kandel, in southwestern Germany, ...

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